ELCAS - Enhanced Learning Credits Courses and Training - NTRS is an Approved Provider

ntrs ELCAS courses (Enhanced Learning Credits administration Service) are the first choice for men and women leaving the service. ntrs has refined its courses from many years of experience in providing armed forces resettlement training. The courses are constantly up-dated in line with the Government’s E-skills Technology Insights Employment Skills Trends Shortages and Skills Gaps.

provides industry training for most major employers in the UK and beyond and brings those skills requirements, knowledge and expertise into our resettlement courses.
With clients such as Network Rail, Atkins, BT Open Reach, Infinera, Ciena, Thales, Skanska and Siemens. we are fully aware of the essential skills requirements of major employers. We providing exactly what industry requires, preparing our trainees with the most popular qualifications to launch a successful second career and employment when leaving the services. No other company in the UK is better placed to provide this industry sector training through our relationship with our training partner Linbrooke Services Ltd

The Ministry of Defence's Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC's) are a financial aid to encourage personal development amongst members of the UK Armed Forces. There is a set process for
members of the UK Armed Forces to follow to gain access and benefit themselves of these learning credits. There is a set of requirements that you must followw and fulfill to be entitled to Enhanced Learning Credits. Consult with you career's adviser to ensure you gain your full entitlement.  This process can be easily followed by following the series of links below:-

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Claiming process to be followed by learners and providers:- Click here.
ELCAS tips on completing a claim form:- Click here.
ELCAS process flow chart:- Click here

Click on image below to see an enlarged version of the ELCAS claiming process.


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